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2013 AQHA 10 Year Breeder Award Winners!

Our goal: To keep the old foundation, bulldog horse type-blood alive
We specialize in 100% NFQHA line-bred Poco Bueno horses with 34.4%-39.5% the blood of Poco Bueno and 20%-25% the blood of King. Our horses carry some of the highest Poco Bueno and King blood in the US. All of our horses are 100% foundation NFQHA (with the exeption of one mare that is 99% NFQHA and 100% FQHR) and all are double registered AQHA and NFQHA.

We looked many years to find just the right stallion and to find the perfect mares to cross to him. We feel very blessed to have such an exceptional breeding program and we are proud to offer several quality foals for sale every year. All of our foals are grand-get of Jessie Tivio, one of the worlds most famous sons of Poco Tivio. Every foal has Poco Tivio on their papers and have many crosses to Poco Bueno, King, Jessie James, Blackburn, Wimpy and Peppy. These horses have proven themselves to be foundations best of the best! 

We are breeding our horses for quality not for color. We firmly believe that the quality needs bred back into NFQHA horses and this is exactly what we are striving to do. Have you ever heard the saying, "A good horse has no color?" or "What color is a safe horse?"? We are breeding our horses truly for the love of the breed, for the love of the horse and not for the color. We have sold several outstanding foals over the years and we will continue to strive to offer the highest quality, trainable, good tempermented foals to you in the future.

Four of our five foals are 100% NFQHA and one will register 99% NFQHA, just .07% shy of 100%. Our foals always have super dispositions, conformation and athletic ability. We foal imprint and handle our foals every day after birth and they are well socialized. We take the time from the ground up so each buyer knows exactly what type of foal they are buying. At time of weaning the foals are halter broke and they lead, load and pick up their feet. We base our foal training on Pat Parelli's Natural Horsemanship and feel socialization is key from day one with our foals. Our success is weighed not only of the quality of the foals, but by our happy customers.

All of our Poco Bueno horses are Herda N/N, tested by UC Davis. Every foal we offer for sale will also be Herda N/N.

Graves Foundation Quarter Horses proudly stands:
Lil Jess Tivio
2000 Buckskin Stallion
Negative AQHA 5 Panel Genetic Test

AQHA # 3960591
100% NFQHA
Jessie Tivio x Miss Poco Rita Tivio

Pedigree: www.allbreedpedigree.com/lil+jess+tivio

Jess 072212 copy2
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Our foals are now all over the US and in Canada and we are so proud they are excelling in reining, cutting, working cow, roping and trail. We've even had some halter and barrel winners! It is such a blessing to be producing foals with such a high concentration of Poco Bueno and King!  Our next foal may be your future winner, breeding prospect or best friend!  

2016 Buckskin Studcolts


Legends of the Past...

King poco bueno poco tivio
Please feel free to ask any questions about our horses at any time. We require 1/3 deposits down to hold a foal after it is born. A payment plan can be made on foals up to weaning time (around 5 months old) but the foal will need to be paid for in full at least 3 weeks before pickup. We recommend buyers to have a pre-purchase exam done at their expense. For the security of both parties, a purchase agreement is offered for all sales to ensure the buyer knows and understands the terms of the purchase.

When considering one of our foals, we ask that you look at our total package. Please check out the For Sale tab and scroll to the bottom to see what we offer with each foal. We pride ourselves not only in the health and well being of our foals, but in our communication, references and continued support to you, the buyer. Our foals are given every opportunity early in life to be healthy, happy and productive and we strive for satisfaction with each foal we sell. 

The Future...

In Loving Memory of My Mommaw
Dorothy Jean Mallatt
March 3rd, 1929 – January 21st, 2013


In Loving Memory of My Uncle Russ
Russell Dean Mallatt
August 30th, 1964-August 10th, 2013


~Even when Mommaw had to use a wheelchair to get to
the barn, she came to see every one of my foals that were
born. She loved watching them. I can only hope there are
many foals for her to watch run and play in heaven~
My love to her always...


~Holy cow, what didn't Uncle Russ teach me about the farm? He had me milking cows when I was 2, shooting BB's when I was 5 and driving a truck when I could barely reach the gas! I don't remember any fun in pulling the bags of feed off the truck for him but I DO remember those short, fat glass pop bottles he always bought us after helping him.~
May many Holsteins fill your green pastures...
Love always, Shannon


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Tom & Shannon Graves
Bedford, IN
(812) 583-6659


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